IVNet Internet Service Q&A

Answer - This can happen for a lot of reasons

Start from the bottom up, how is your device connected? If you are on WIFI and having problems staying connected, try plugging a device directly into your router. Did the issue seem to resolve itself?

If so, you could have an issue with the wireless coverage within your home. Try direct wiring as many devices as possible. If that is not an option for the devices that you are using it is time to expand your wireless coverage by upgrading your wireless.

If you plug into your router and continue to have issues its time to move up stream. It is possible that the device is another router or switch. Keep following the devices and test each path to ensure you know where the issue is stemming from. This will help for a faster resolution.

If you find the device or cable causing the problem great! Time to swap it out. If not, it is time to plug into our equipment direct.

Give us a call at 815-223-1052 and we can help you get an IP address directly on the device that you plug in. We can do testing from there to come to a solution for any concerns you have.