Wed, Aug 04, 2021

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DNS Hosting

IVNet DNS Hosting Services

IVNet will provide DNS hosting services to customers for a variety of needs and uses like:

  • Need secondary DNS servers.
  • Need MX records for a virtual domain.
  • Want control over your DNS records: change DNS frequently, changing ISPs soon.
  • Can't get service from an ISP and don't want to do it yourself.
  • Are inside of a firewall and need publicly-accessible name servers outside of your firewall.
  • Need name servers that are closer to the North American Internet backbones.

Providing additional secondary servers can greatly improve the reliability and accessibility of your domain.  If your primary DNS becomes unavailable due to network problems, your secondary DNS entries come into play, so the more DNS servers you have, the greater the resilience to errors.


IVNet is a partner and reseller with SRS Plus by Network Solutions.

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