Tue, Aug 21, 2018

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Sitebuilder Tools

Image Professional Website Editor


Click Here to try our demo version

Now you can try building your own website! Choose from hundreds of templates. It's easy as 1,2,3.

Select the type of site you want to create (Site, Blog or Photo Gallery).

Pick the template you want to use. Here you can pick a color scheme, add your own banners or logos, and buttons.

Choose the pages you want to add. Our basic hosting plan allows 5 pages. The Standard plan gives you 10 pages and the Professional Plan gives you 25.

Edit the pages to say what you want it to. Tell the world about your business here andbe descriptive about your services.

Finally, publish it to a temporary area for you to review. If you decide you want to make it live to the world, call us at 815-223-1052. We'll get your account created and get your domain name established at that time. Domain names can be purchase for as little as 10.95 for a single year. Once we have your account setup we can make your site live to the world at your domain name.

Click here to review all our hosting plans.

Add extras
Easily add exciting elements to your site, like feedback forms, a visitor counter, guestbook, forums, a flash-animated start page, and more! Plus, you can add META tag keywords and descriptions within the WebsiteBuilder interface so search engines can find your site.

Choose your template
Select your favorite professionally designed template. Then customize it to match your exact needs!

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