Tue, Sep 17, 2019

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Web Hosting Plans

We are excited to bring you new plans, services and tools at affordable prices! We have invested in new hardware and software to provide our current and new customers the best in webhosting and control panel services. Take a look at what we have to offer.

All plans are delivered on a Linux platform.

Our customer support is available to you by email and by phone.

5 GB storage
200 Email Accounts
200 GB Transfer
Control Panel
SiteBuilder Included

1 Domain
1 Website
25 GB storage
500 Email Accounts
500 GB Transfer
Control Panel
Site Builder Included
4 Domain aliases
2 Websites

50 GB storage
1000 Email Accounts
1000 GB Transfer
Control Panel
SiteBuilder Included
10 Domain aliases
5 Websites

Thank you for considering IVNet Webhosting and E-Mail services and Connecting Point Computer Center services for your company. With IVNet and Connecting Point Computer Centers, we will help you to build or re-design and market your website with you.

The Internet is too big to be ignored.

Currently there are over 1.1 billion people who actively use it. More than 80 million domains are currently registered in the world.

Build your own websitewith our website builder


Build your own website today with our sitebuilder.


Added Credibility!

A Professional Website will give your business Added Credibility. It proves that your business is committed to high quality customer service by offering customers new ways to communicate with your business and the opportunity to browse over your products and services at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week.

Improve Your Business Exposure!

Promote your company online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to worldwide audience, by supplying vital, persuasive information to existing and potential customers and to build a new customer base. Your website should include detailed information about your business, your staff, your products and services. Allow customers to shop online at their convenience and buy on-the-spot, even allow you to sell products and take payments online, if it's commerce-enabled

Increase Sales and Your Target Market Area!

Increase your sales by expanding your advertising campaign with a professional online presence. Take your business beyond the boundaries of your local area. Put your business online today and anyone, anywhere in the world will be able too see your business services and products.

Compete on Level Terms!

Give you the hands-down edge over the competition. Our websites offer your business state-of-the-art design using the latest in Internet technology so your website will compete with even the longtime dot-commers.

Cut Costs!

How much information about your products or services can you fit on a flyer? How much do they cost to print? How do you distribute them? A picture speaks a 1000 Words! The Internet allows you to use text, pictures and video to present your business to it's potential customers. No Brochure or Newsletter can do that! Our Websites allow you to change the content immediately! Printing Brochures and Newsletters can destroy your budget, be difficult to distribute, and cannot be changed!

You can send Newsletters, Product/Service Information, or even a Virtual Christmas Card to 1000's of your customers in just a few minutes for about the cost of a phone call! No Postage, No Stationary, No Time wasted! Your business will be able communicate with your customers quickly, effectively and as often as you please.

You will work with one of our professional consultants to assist you in your design and assemble your site in addition to creating your business e-mail account. Your business can also receive ongoing maintenance each month! Simply e-mail in your changes in electronic format and we will update your site within two (2) business days.