Wed, Aug 04, 2021

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Search Engine Submission

We are often asked if there is any difference between submissions done manually or performed automatically. The answer is YES - They are different. How? You Won’t Be Wasting Your Valuable Time - It takes DAYS to manually submit your site to different Search Engines, Directories and Indices. Let us do this tedious work for you so you won’t be having a splitting headache after staring at that screen for hours trying to get it all done. As to the results achieved, there is no difference between Automatic VS Manual other than the time and energy saved on your part. Except for the following instance: The software that we utilize submits just “one” customer at a time to the entire list of the top 20 no pay search engines and directories. Once it completes the process for that one customer, then and only then, does it begin the process of submitting the next customer’s data to the search engines and directories. This way, only one client is submitted to a specific search engine at one time. This is the optimum method. 

Some software packages, used by other submission firms, submit multiple customers to one particular search engine at one time. This can cause their submissions to be rejected and possibly fail. 

How Long After I Place My Order Do You Submit My Site?

Once you place your order, your information is immediately put in queue for processing. Normally your site submission occurs within 4 days from the placement of your order.

When Will I Appear In The Engines?

Search engines and directories control their own databases and the time frame it takes to get into their search engines. Therefore, how soon you appear in any one particular engine or directory is totally up to them. This is something that no one other than the Search Engine or Directory itself has any control. Once your site is submitted, we must wait. It’s that way for ALL web site owners so be patient. There is NO way to speed it up. It takes time. 

How soon can I expect to see my web site included in the search engines?” The earliest possible we are seeing is usually Entire Web and Exact seek in 2-3 weeks, Google 4-6 weeks.. Other engines will begin to pick you up on the average of 2-4 months with some taking as long as 5 months. Remember, whether you submit your own site manually or have us do it for you, neither of us has control to force the engines to show your site any earlier. 

”Why is it taking so terribly long?” It’s a combination of a few things; 1) the enormous daily growth of the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of sites are being added continually and 2) the staff at many of the search engines has been drastically cut due to their poor profitability and restructuring changes. 

Is there anything that you or we can do to speed things up? The answer is NO.  We are waiting for their equipment to spider your web site and include you in their database. The ball is totally in their court and they’ll get to it as quickly as they possibly can.  

Although we understand their reasons for the delays, it still causes frustration to everyone who is patiently waiting for their web sites to be listed. We will continue to submit our client’s site information to them on a monthly basis and keep an ever-watchful eye on the results. Your patience with their temporary delays is appreciated. Thank You.



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