Wed, Aug 04, 2021

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Suspicious E-Mail

I.V.Net would like to make you aware of the fact virus and suspicious emails  circulate around the internet.

I.V.Net customers have been reporting receiving emails from supposed I.V.Net technical, support or administration staff members. These emails have an attachment and may claim you owe money, your password was changed or might claim a variety of infringing acts have been committed from the customer’s machine. Please do not open the emails or attachments. Doing so may infect your machine with a virus.

Please note that messages from valid I.V.Net support personnel will never contain an attachment unless you are specifically expecting one.

Also, customers have reported receiving emails sounding like it comes from a local bank and stating they need to update their bank information. The email requests that account numbers, social security numbers and other personal information be submitted. I.V.Net would like to remind our customers to never release personal information to anyone via email.

If you are ever in doubt of an email you receive, please feel free to contact our I.V.Net technicians.

The best rule to follow is to delete any suspicious emails without opening them.

Thank You,
The IVNet Team

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