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Webhosting Customers can manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes from any computer with internet access.

Wed, Jul 08, 2020

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Web Mail Programs

IVNet customers can send and retrieve their email from our webmail programs.

IVNet E-Mail customers can use the following two applications.

  • IVNet Webmail WebMail- A simple Web Email interface designed to complement existing email servers. Netwin's Webmail - the best web based email client available - is recognized as one of the most simple, economical ways to provide effortless web email access to all users when they are away from the office or home. WebMail works by interacting with normal POP, IMAP and SMTP servers, and can be configured to work with your current email server in a matter of minutes.

  • Image DWmail- What is DWmail™?: DWmail™ is an 'intelligent' Web based email application written in the scripting language, PHP. DWmail™ allows you and your visitors to access, manage and send email using any POP3 or IMAP4 compliant email account. Simply enter your email address and password to check your email.

Webhosting customers can use

  • ImageIVNet WebMail- IVNet web hosting customers can use this webmail program to manage their domain webmail from any computer with internet access.


  • webmail-loginRemember to use your full email address @yourdomainname in the username box if you use this tool.

(eg. johndoe @mywebsiteaddress.com)