Wed, Dec 02, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization and Registration

  1. Growth by 1,000 hacks: why micro tests are the key to growth hacking success

    An article from Intercom’s Ben McRedmond about growth hacking has been doing the rounds over the past week or so.
  2. Why do you have a website? Balancing your site's intentions with the visitor experience

    What seems like quite a straightforward and possibly ridiculous question is meant as a 'gut-check that shouldn’t just be identified only once by an organization, but periodically over time.
  3. It’s not too late: 12 ways to boost sales this holiday season

    Businesses know that the holiday period can be critical to the success of their entire year, with nearly one fifth of annual sales occurring during these couple of weeks.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving from the Search Engine Watch team

    Join us as we set our 'out of office' till Monday 30 November and find the roomiest pair of sweatpants in our wardrobe.
  5. Are Thanksgiving traditions a relic of the past? A Google Trends investigation

    Using Google Trends data, here's a look into what the most popular traditions are and find out just how much things have changed since 1621.
  6. Strategy advice for designing and building a mobile-friendly site

    A mobile-friendly site (or app) is not an end; it is a means to that end.
  7. What are the busiest times for stores on Black Friday?

    If you want to avoid the crowds on Black Friday, avoid shopping between 2pm and 4pm. At least, thats what Google's location data says.
  8. Google announces new store visit metrics in AdWords

    Google has today announced new features for its store visits metric for AdWords users.
  9. Google releases 160 pages of search quality guidelines

    In 2013, Google publicly shared its advice to those who perform content checks, which helped to shine a light on what it considers ‘quality’.
  10. Three user behavior metrics that make a difference in SEO

    Why a well-rounded SEO approach must include optimizing for user behavior as well as keywords. [Sponsored content]