Sat, Aug 01, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization and Registration

  1. Bing Tests Emoji Keyboard

    Not long after becoming the first search engine to allow users to search with emojis, Bing is testing an emoji keyboard.
  2. How Do You Rank on Google?

    Analyzing 300,000 websites and 10,000 keywords for its annual Google ranking factors study, Searchmetrics found that technical factors, such as keyword domains, are the most important.
  3. The New Media Meritocracy

    Google created a meritocracy that calls for a holistic strategy encompassing everything from your logo to your keywords, giving you an edge across all media: paid, earned and owned.
  4. 5 Modern-Day Alternatives to Link Building

    Things like social shares, third-party reviews and Nofollow links are just as valuable as traditional links, but don't carry the same risk of penalty or the stigma of "link building."
  5. Google Given Right to Appeal in Safari Cookies Case

    The U.K. Supreme Court has granted permission in part for Google to appeal against a ruling relating to a dispute over the user information through cookies via use of the Apple Safari browser.
  6. Google's Ups Its Automatic Text Translation Tool Ante

    Google is updating its Translate app again to let you instantly understand bar menus in 27 languages.
  7. How Your Content Strategy Should Affect Your SEO Expectations

    Without a content strategy that appeals to everyone who searches for a specific keyword, rather than just your target audience, you may not achieve the SEO results you're hoping for.
  8. 3 Steps to Kill Your PPC Ad Writer’s Block Right Now

    Checking out the competition and user reviews, and getting reacquainted with your clients and their objectives can help PPC professionals when writer's block hurts their ad-creating process.
  9. Yelp Earnings Report Shows Strength In Mobile Search

    Though the value of Yelp's shares continue to decline, the company is becoming a stronger player in mobile search, as demonstrated by its 22 percent growth in mobile monthly visitors.
  10. Search Ads to Target App Downloaders

    Starting today, Google AdWords advertisers can run search app install campaigns to capture people's attention as they search for apps in Google Play.