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  1. Mozilla to Add “One-Click Searches” to Firefox
    The company will give Firefox users the flexibility to choose their own search engines and sites.
  2.'s Top Searches of 2014 & Predictions for 2015
    The year may not be over yet, but is pulling out all the stops and has already released its top searches of 2014, as well as its predictions for 2015.
  3. Don’t Be a PPC Turkey: Last-Minute Tips for Your Campaigns
    Before you leave the office to celebrate, take a few minutes to make sure your PPC campaigns are ready for the top three spending days of the year: Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
  4. Create Your 2015 Holiday SEO and Content List – Think Next Year Now!
    In this post we take a look at holiday marketing trends year-over-year and what to watch going into 2015, so you can put ideas on your holiday marketing list for next year, right now.
  5. Google Contributor Lets Users Pay to Remove Ads From Websites
    Google is running an ad-free Internet experiment that could challenge its own ad-funded business model.
  6. Google to be 'Broken Up' in Europe in Bid to End Search Monopoly
    Google could face drastic measures being taken against it in Europe in order for competition online to be "restored".
  7. Google Uncovers Black Friday Shopping Trends [Study]
    Black Friday is less than a week away and shoppers are now more prepared than ever, as evidenced by a Google study released today.
  8. Website Visibility (SEO) – Don’t Stop
    Don’t look at this as a time to take a rest from your website visibility efforts. Use this slower time of year to get an advantage on your competitors.
  9. Your Guide to Structured Snippets for SEO
    Structured snippets are going to change the way people find information on the Web, and you’ll need to adjust your optimization strategies as a result.
  10. Bing Strives Toward Mobile Friendliness
    To keep up with the growing number of mobile Web users, Bing ranks pages optimized for mobile higher in its search results.