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  1. Can Groupon Break Into the Search Market?
    Groupon's new search feature is a Yelp-like directory of business pages with contact info, user reviews, deals, and a goal of engaging you to spend more time on Groupon's website.
  2. "Which Update?" Is the Wrong Question
    What's the right question to ask? That will depend on your skill level and experience in the SEO industry.
  3. Secret Sauce LoMo Tips for More PPC Sales
    Paid search marketers have understood that mobile is important for some time, but few are leveraging the power of mobile advertising tailored for local traffic.
  4. Google Mobile Usability Report IDs Website Issues That Drive Away Business
    Google has added Mobile Usability reports to its Webmaster Tools, which will provide a detailed report for each error found on a company's website.
  5. How to Get Tons of Great Data From Google AdWords Instantly
    The Home screen is an under-utilized element of your AdWords account. Here's how to reorganize in order to get to your data efficiently.
  6. seoClarity: In Mobile World, Search Result Placement Is Critical to Clicks
    Search engine optimization - and where a website appears in search results - can have a significant impact on click-through rate (CTR), especially for mobile search.
  7. Bing Allows Consumers to Use Emojis as Search Term
    To allow users to search the same way they communicate, Bing upgraded its search engine to recognize emojis.
  8. Scaling SEO Across Your Enterprise Business – The Human Element
    Scaling SEO at your company is not just about SEO - success is also dependent on leadership, project management, and efficient process.
  9. Yahoo Bing Network Audience Stats That Might Surprise You
    The latest numbers from comScore on the Bing audience are available – and the stats just might surprise you.
  10. Google Webmaster Update: Blocking JavaScript & CSS Can Affect Indexing
    Google has updated its Webmaster Guidelines, which will likely affect sites that are blocking JavaScript or CSS files.