Mon, Jul 06, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization and Registration

  1. 5 Misconceptions About Link Building That Are Ruining It for Everybody

    Link building is still a viable SEO strategy, but because of changes in the way Google ranks sites, tactics must be updated to see results.
  2. Becoming Linkable: What Would They Link To?

    When developing link building strategies it is very interesting to see what particular websites have already linked to in the past.
  3. 6 Things to Watch for When Starting AdWords for Video

    If you're thinking about adding video to your PPC strategy, you're not alone! Here are some tips for easily adding video to your AdWords account.
  4. How SEOs can Benefit From the Crossover Between CX, UX and SEO

    No matter what your role as an SEO, you probably work with people focused on both the customer and the user experience. Here's a plan to divvy up those jobs.
  5. Yahoo Powering Search Results with Google

    Since Yahoo loosened the restrictions of its partnership with Microsoft last April, the company seems to be testing out Google powered search results.
  6. Toyota Partners with Google Places for Local Targeting

    Toyota has paired up with Google Places to create a local search API that enables banner ads to suggest geo-targeted activities to consumers.
  7. SES Atlanta – The Southern Sweet Spot of Search Events

    Join us at SES Atlanta, where we'll feature SEO and PPC talks by Newell Rubbermaid, Aflac, The Home Depot, The Atlanta Hawks, CNN, and more!
  8. Want to Combine Sites in Search Console? Google Wants to Know.

    Google posted a survey today asking for user preferences about grouping sites in order to compare them in a combined report.
  9. How OpenTable Leverages Data to Create a Holistic Dining Experience

    In this Q&A, Joseph Essas, OpenTable's chief technology officer, explains how he and his team use data to provide value for both diners and restaurateurs.
  10. Get More Contextual With a Switch to Adjusted Bounce Rates with Time Intervals

    While bounce rates are an important measure for site performance, bounce rate doesn't have to come only from bounces tied directly to users' time onsite.