Tue, Apr 28, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization and Registration

  1. Google Antitrust Case: 19 Complainants Named Include Microsoft

    A collection of 19 complainants led to the antitrust case against Google, and Reuters has what purports to be a list of them.
  2. Beacons to Revolutionize Search in 2020

    Columnist Dan Cristo makes a prediction that 2020 will be "The Year of the Beacon" and with that, will come a revolutionary new way for consumers to use search.
  3. 16 Ways to Reverse-Engineer Your Competitors' Organic SEO Strategy

    Being able to distinguish and put your finger on what your competitors are doing, especially when they’re outperforming you, is a huge plus. This list of individual methods will allow you to do that.
  4. What SEOs Want From a Web Grader

    Most free Web grader tools that are available today were developed in the years before Penguin, Panda and "Mobilegeddon" — they don’t give SEOs the insight they so desperately need.
  5. YP Launches Lookalike Tool for Audience Retargeting

    Today, YP rolled out its Audience Extension tool, which helps brands to both target campaigns across users' Web searches and find new customers based on first-party search data.
  6. 6 Content Tips for Adapting to the Post-Mobilegeddon World

    Beyond the site and landing page adjustments of a post-Mobilegeddon world, marketers should also be mindful of how to format and align their content for maximum mobile impact and consumption.
  7. The Value of Links

    Links aren’t valuable because of Google; Google is valuable because of its use of links.
  8. 4 Effective Customer-Centric Content Marketing Ideas for "Boring" Industries

    Here are four ideas to help you create powerful content, no matter your industry, that will engage your target audience and earn links and shares, boosting your search rankings.
  9. Google Profits Rise Driven By Increasing Ad Revenues

    Google reported a 4 percent increase in profits for Q1, driven by a steady growth in ad revenues. The company was hurt by the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, however.
  10. Facebook "Hello" Brings Local Search to Calls

    Facebook is testing an app called "Hello" that will allow users to see names and images of incoming callers on mobile regardless of whether or not they are saved as contacts.