Fri, Sep 04, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization and Registration

  1. Spotlight On: Marriott's Director of Global Search, Alexander Edlund

    Marriott's director of global search points out that while many struggle with "the cross-device enigma," search marketers have an advantage, already knowing what people are looking for.
  2. Is It Time to Add Click-to-Call Campaigns to Your AdWords Arsenal?

    Learn how to set up a click-to-call campaign in Google AdWords, and also understand the pros and cons of using a call-only focused strategy.
  3. Bing Reveals a Frighteningly Delicious Recipe for PPC Success

    Fall is nearly here, marking the start of the annual holiday shopping season. In anticipation of Halloween, here are tips to help marketers polish up omni-device PPC advertising campaigns.
  4. Are Amazon Text Ads a Promising Alternative to Product Ads?

    It's been announced that Amazon Product Ads will be discontinued and Text Ads will be introduced to take their place. How will the successor compare to the original?
  5. Google Integrates Search and Dictation into Docs

    Google has added some nifty updates to Docs including search, dictation, and new templates, all of which make for a much more convenient user experience.
  6. Google Gets Tough on Mobile App Interstitials

    Google says that sites using intrusive app download interstitials will find it harder to rank in mobile searches from November.
  7. SEO for E-Commerce Websites

    Consider these insightful observations to address or avoid common conundrums that can arise while attempting to generate, manage, and improve the SEO for e-commerce websites.
  8. How to Build a Better SEM Audience Profile – for Free!

    Resources like Google AdWords Display Network and Facebook Custom Audience Profiles gives marketers many low-to-no-budget options for acquiring demographic data for SEM campaigns.
  9. Google Has a New Look and We Really Like It

    The search giant has rolled out a new Google logo, moving from a serif font to a sans-serif font. Branding experts think the company has nailed the logo redesign on several levels.
  10. Reboot Demonstrates Union Between Search and Social

    Today, unveils its redesigned site, which has become a search-influenced social network focused on connecting users based on their cooking and eating habits.