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Sun, Mar 01, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization and Registration

  1. Google Adds Mobile-Friendliness and Indexed Apps as Ranking Factors

    The tech giant will surface mobile-friendly information and content from indexed apps more prominently in its search results.
  2. The Formula for Successful Newsjacking

    Capitalizing on news that's already out there can help you earn links back to your website - if you know how to do it effectively.
  3. Mobile Search Spend Share to Reach 83% by 2018

    Recent eMarketer research found that mobile search spend is growing exponentially with no end in sight, even more so than they previously reported.
  4. Brands Boost Conversions With Google Shopping Campaigns

    Google's local inventory ads, which recently opened up to all advertisers, allow brands like Macy's and PetSmart to make in-stores sales from their search ads on both desktop and mobile.
  5. Does Yelp Really Matter?

    In a search marketing world that is dictated by Google, should businesses care about getting Yelp reviews?
  6. SMBs Benefit From New YP Local Search Feature

    ypSearch delivers SMBs desktop and mobile search ads across Google, Yahoo, Bing, and
  7. Optimizing Local SEO Strategy for Multi-Location Businesses

    There are lots of challenges that impact multi-location SEO, so how can marketers best optimize their local SEO strategy if they have businesses in various places?
  8. Apps Could Be an Innovative Approach to Local Search

    Many small businesses think that apps are best left to big brands and games, but app search is on the rise, and could bring big business by way of local search.
  9. Why Search Was Instrumental in the Growth of Taco Bell's App

    Since relaunching its app in October, Taco Bell has found that paid search has contributed to five times the purchase strength of paid social, video, or mobile display ads.
  10. Click-to-Call and the Big Data Gap

    Typical analytics tools may not give marketers enough visibility into the $4 billion that is spent on mobile search advertising.