Wed, Jul 27, 2016

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Fiber Optic Internet Access

Fiber Optic cable is available to any entity within the cities of Peru and Princeton. Pricing for the Fiber Optic depends upon the Bandwidth desired. I.V.NET Fiber Optic access is the answer if you are searching for dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity that will support active networks, Web servers, large data/file transfers and multimedia applications.

I.V. Net, LLP Fiber Optic access provides your organization dedicated, point-to-point Fiber Optic circuits to connect your LAN directly to IV Net’s fault-tolerant, high-speed Internet Network.  I.V. Net, LLP Fiber Optic access is available in multiple 1 megabyte to 1000 megabyte speeds.

Leased line connections are also available.

Installation Services  
  • Fiber Optic connections are tested,pre-configured and maintained by I.V.Net
  • Registration of your domain
  • Circuit installation and maintenance
  • NNTP news feed to your news server
  • SMTP mail feed to your mail server
  • Primary and/or secondary name service
  • Detailed usage statistics (optional)


I.V.NET Fiber Optic access has a charge of $ 300.00 per month for connecting two locations via Fiber Optic Cable. Additional charges will apply for Fiber Optic Termination, Connectors, Transceivers, etc. An additional charge for bandwidth will also apply if the Fiber Optic cable is used to gain access to the Internet. Please check with your salesperson or call (800) 352-7018 to schedule an appointment. A complete internet needs analysis of your business will be done to custom fit you with the best option available.