Wed, Jul 27, 2016

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Dedicated Leased Lines Internet Access

dedicated leased lines internet access-sm

I.V. Net, LLP Leased Line service provides your organization dedicated, point-to-point circuits to connect your LAN directly to IV Net’s fault-tolerant, high-speed Internet Network.

I.V. Net, LLP Leased Lines are available from T1 1.54mb to100 mbps bandwidth.

Pricing for leased lines depends on your location and the available telco connection options from your site to the nearest I.V. Net POP (point of presence). IV Net’s POP's are located strategically throughout Illinois and are directly connected to multiple T1 networks.


I.V. Net Leased Line service is the answer if you are searching for dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity that will support active networks, Web servers, large data and file transfers, and multimedia applications.




T 1


Dial-Up access offers speeds up to a maximum of only 56 Kbps.

T 1 is on a dedicated, closed circuit and therefore provides speeds up to 100mb.


Dial-Up access is capable of providing Internet access to only one PC/end-user, thereby charging extra for each additional PC/end-user access.

Dial-Up access is not a scalable service due to its bandwidth limitations of 56 Kbps.

T 1 is on a secured, dedicated circuit which makes it less susceptible to hackers.


Dial-Up access is faced with the sometimes tedious process of dialing in for Internet access.

T 1 is a fully scalable service; however, a site visit is required for speed upgrade.

T 1 often times has more growth potential than DSL because it is not distant-sensitive.

T 1 has costly start-up with install of router and hardware (CSU/DSU).


Dial-Up access can have costly per-monthly usage/toll charges in addition to Internet access.

Dial-Up access must be provided with individual lines and modems for multiple end-users to have simultaneous access.

T 1 is on a dedicated, closed circuit and therefore receives higher speeds.

T 1 is not distant-sensitive and may have more growth potential (no contingencies on location and availability).

T 1 often has costly start-up (line and hardware install) and per-monthly fees from line usage charges in addition to bandwidth.

T 1 will most likely be a long-term business solution because it has superior market confidence from long history of proven performance and boundless availability/accessibility.

T 1 has boundless availability/accessibility and consequently is not inhibited by technological, geographical or political barriers that rivals cannot match